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Supporting personalised cancer care

Everyone experiences cancer differently, so we’re here to help Guy’s Cancer provide the very best personalised treatment and care – every step of the way.

The committed team at Guy’s Cancer tailor their services for every individual, making sure the treatment and care people receive is as unique as they are.

This allows Suzie and Ted to access vital support even when they can’t get to the cancer centre. It enables Anni to have crucial tests closer to home, reducing the risk of her getting infections. And it means women being treated for cancer can still have children.


Young pregnant woman lying on sofa at home, looking at the ultrasound scan photo of her baby.

Protecting women's fertility

Losing the chance to become a parent can be one of the most heartbreaking impacts of cancer. Women undergoing cancer treatment can now access a new service that enables them to preserve their fertility much quicker, minimising the delay before they start their cancer therapy – made possible by generous donations.

The Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation Service enhances what is already one of the biggest and longest running fertility preservation services in the world. This pioneering service enables the expert Guy’s Cancer team to collect ovarian tissue by keyhole surgery before chemotherapy, transforming the lives of women who are too unwell to wait and have standard egg collection.

By supporting us, you can help Guy’s Cancer continue to develop new services that ensure people get care that covers all their personal needs.

Ted with arm around Suzie smiling at the camera

Keeping Susie and Ted connected to their second family

Husband and wife Ted and Susie Thorne (pictured) have been able to keep connected to other prostate cancer survivors online during the pandemic – allowing them to talk openly about their worries and fears, and even share moments of laughter.

“If the virtual meetings stopped now, I think we’d all feel a bit lost,” says Ted, who has attended support groups since 2018. “It takes the service for prostate cancer survivors that step forward.”

“We have a fantastic online support group which is innovative and envied,” adds Louisa Fleure, Urological Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist. “For many people, the club has been a lifeline and we couldn’t have kept things going without the support of donations.”

The inventive Guy’s Cancer team are constantly imagining new ways to deliver even better personalised care. We support them to make their ideas a reality.

“It’s extraordinary because it’s being part of something which is very important. I suppose it’s humanity really; humanity at its most vulnerable and at its best.”

Ted Thorne
Anni and health worker in mobile cancer unit

Bringing cancer care closer to home

The COVID-19 outbreak was frightening for us all. It was even more scary for people like Anni (pictured), whose cancer makes them vulnerable to infections due to their compromised immune system.

But thanks to our donors, we were able to help Guy’s Cancer set up a mobile cancer service. This means Anni and other people needing life-saving chemotherapy can have essential tests closer to where they live before their treatment begins. This keeps them safe and means they can conserve vital energy.

“I’m dealing with fatigue from the chemotherapy treatment,” explains Anni. “So it’s really important to have something very quick and I can then go back home and rest.”

The service is provided across three St John Ambulance treatment centres, in car parks outside easily accessible locations such as supermarkets and pharmacies.

With your support, we can help Guy’s Cancer make sure they are there for everyone who needs them, where they need them.

Patient with colourful mask

Donate today and help provide personalised care for people like Anni and Ted and Susie