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Nurse Jade with patient Patricia, inside the ambulance about to begin tests

Funding pioneering new approaches

We support the people behind every moment of progress at Guy’s Cancer.

We’re Teresa’s cancer charity when she finds a new way of detecting cancer earlier.

We’re Alice’s cancer charity as she supports the team to deliver seamless care, despite the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, we’re very rarely just Guy’s Cancer Charity. We’re here so that Guy’s Cancer can be there for everyone who needs them.

Naema with clinician Theresa outside the centre

Transforming treatments for head and neck cancer

With the help of generous donations, we are supporting Guy’s Cancer to develop a pioneering new head and neck cancer centre. The centre will bring together the expert head and neck cancer team to speed up detection and diagnosis, improve treatments, minimise the terrible side-effects people suffer, and reduce the recurrence of cancer.

Head and neck cancer is already one of the world’s most common cancers, with 12,000 people diagnosed in the UK every year. This is increasing all the time, and people are being diagnosed younger. Like Naema (pictured right) who was just 23.

Your support will enable us to fund Dr Teresa Guerrero Urbano (pictured left) and the rest of the head and neck cancer team’s vital work, so more people like Naema can access the very best personalised care that is tailored to their own specific needs.


“Every stride we make in head and neck cancers could have ripple effects for other cancers too.”

Dr Teresa Guerrero Urbano
A staff member at a computer

Keeping people with cancer safe

Cancer doesn’t wait, and nor does Guy’s Cancer when it comes to adapting its services to meet the personal needs of the people they support.

We have been able to invest in equipment that has enabled the dedicated team to deliver seamless care online during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means people can attend their consultations remotely rather than coming to the cancer centre in person, which is safer and more convenient.

“Equipment such as headsets and iPads have been bought to help staff to deliver remote consultations more effectively,” says Alice Jenner, Strategy and Planning Manager at Guy’s Cancer. “We anticipate continuing with a higher proportion of consults being virtual, and will be better set up for the future.”

When you support us, you help Guy’s Cancer continue to innovate so that people can access the care and support they need, when they need it.

Mature man exercising at home - watching virtual exercise class on laptop

Helping people access essential therapy at home

Often people with cancer need dedicated, expert support to move and speak with ease, both during and after their treatment.

When the COVID-19 pandemic meant patients couldn’t attend their usual appointments at the cancer centre, we funded Guy’s Cancer physiotherapists and speech and language therapists to create special videos for the people they were supporting. Their short films helped people manage their conditions and symptoms at home, and access vital information remotely to support them during their cancer treatment.

Without these videos, patients would have to rely on their recollection of exercises, along with pictures and written materials, which is likely to be much less effective.

With our supporters’ help, the exceptional Guy’s Cancer team can find new and inventive ways to make sure people get the support they need, regardless of the barriers they face.

Nurse Jade with patient Patricia, inside the ambulance about to begin tests

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