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Jeff looking off camera

About us

We’re not just Guy’s Cancer Charity. We’re Naema’s, Rachel’s, Jeff’s, Anju’s, and your cancer charity.

The impact of cancer is deeply personal. Lives can be forever shaped by the series of moments that begin with a diagnosis.

Moments of fear, pain, sickness and exhaustion. Hope, celebration, and loss. Every one of these moments matter, because everyone experiences cancer differently.

We’re here for the people behind every moment of progress. Whether it’s a major medical breakthrough, an enhancement in treatment, or the day a patient gets the all-clear after years of personalised care.

Naema outside smiling

We're Naema's cancer charity

“I can’t put into words how much all of the extra support I’ve received has helped me. I will be eternally grateful for everything they’ve given me.”

When Naema Abubakar (pictured) was diagnosed with a rare form of head and neck cancer at just 23, it came as a huge shock. But her life has been transformed by the personalised treatment and ongoing care she is receiving from Guy’s Cancer.

We’re here to support the exceptional head and neck cancer team at Guy’s Cancer, as they develop a pioneering new head and neck cancer centre. With your support, we can help them make advances in diagnosis and treatments so more people like Naema have the best possible quality of life, during treatment and beyond.

“I was worried about having a two-week-old baby left at home. What if I don’t wake up from this?”

Rachel Bailey
Rachel holds son in arms

We’re Rachel’s cancer charity

“Once I’d given birth and realised that I was going to have to leave her, I started to get upset and panicky. I was worried about having a two-week-old baby left at home. What if I don’t wake up from this?”

When Rachel Bailey (pictured) needed life-saving surgery to remove a tumour and part of a kidney just two weeks after giving birth, what was supposed to be a joyous occasion turned into a terrifying time. But thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Guy’s Cancer was able to make sure she was back home sharing precious moments with baby Phoenix just 25 hours after her operation.

We’re here so Guy’s Cancer can invest in specialist equipment, including advanced robotic technology that enables surgeons to perform more targeted operations and reduce recovery times for people like Rachel.

Jeff cycling around a corner on this bike

We're Jeff's cancer charity

“When my diagnosis came, I knew the best way I could deal with it, emotionally and physically, was to focus on my fitness and also do something positive for the teams working so hard to keep me well.”

Grandfather-of-two Jeff Ward (pictured) raised an amazing £24,000 to support vital research into skin tumours and radiotherapy for skin lymphoma at Guy’s Cancer, where he has received treatment for a rare form of blood cancer that affects the skin.

“The key thing is the research that’s going on that might help you or future generations that get the disease,” says Jeff.

We’re here for our outstanding supporters like Jeff, whose generosity is helping Guy’s Cancer create change for everyone who needs them, today and tomorrow.


Anju from shoulders up smiling at camera

We're Anju's cancer charity

“Receiving funding from donations was crucial to the project. The app wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our supporters’ generosity.”

We’re here to help turn ideas into progress, providing funding for staff that enables them to explore new ideas for advancing cancer care.

Like Dr Anju Kulkarni (pictured), a consultant in cancer and clinical genetics, who had an innovative idea for how to speed up referrals. Thanks to donations, we were able to help Anju develop a new app that can work out whether someone has an inherited risk of developing cancer. This has helped to transform the lives of thousands of people, not only here in the UK but across the world.

We helped all these moments happen – and continue to happen

Guy’s Cancer was there for Naema, Jeff, Rachel, and Anju, and your support means we can help them be there for everyone else, when they need it most.

What every donation means

Guy’s Cancer is fuelled by imagination. When you support us, you help kick-start these dynamic projects and initiatives, like Anju’s idea for a new app. They can and do lead to new ways of detecting cancer, advancing care for people, improving their recovery, inspiring our wonderful fundraisers, and funding our grants programme.  Your donations help us bring new ideas to life. 

We wouldn’t be here without our amazing supporters like Jeff – like you! You can help  Guy’s Cancer keep innovating, keep imagining, and keep creating the future of cancer care for people like Rachel, like Jeff, like Naema. 

Jeff looking off camera

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