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Fuelling innovation and advances in cancer care

Guy’s Cancer is fuelled by the imagination of the dynamic team. When you, and people like Jeff, support us, you help bring their innovative ideas to life.

We help the exceptional team at Guy’s Cancer to keep pushing boundaries.

From investing in pioneering robotics equipment so surgeons can perform more targeted operations, to supporting a world-leading care environment, and ground-breaking research.


Rachel with Phoenix on her lap (close up) looking at Phoenix

Enabling precious moments between mum and baby

We enabled Guy’s Cancer to help Rachel Bailey be back at home sharing precious moments with her baby Phoenix only 25 hours after being admitted to hospital.

Just two weeks after giving birth, Rachel needed to have a grapefruit-sized tumour and part of her kidney removed.

Our donor funded da Vinci surgical robot allowed Rachel’s surgeon, Ben Challacombe, to perform more targeted surgery, reducing Rachel’s recovery time so she could go home much sooner.

“It was a very complicated operation,” says Ben about Rachel’s surgery. “It was one of the biggest partial removals I have done without removing the whole kidney.”

When you support us, you help make sure the exceptional Guy’s Cancer team are equipped to make advances in cancer treatment that enhance the lives of people like Rachel and her daughter Phoenix (pictured).

“Once I’d given birth and realised that I was going to have to leave her, I started to get upset and panicky. I was worried about having a two-week-old baby left at home. What if I don’t wake up from this?”

Patient holds out arm for Guy

Investing in a world-leading care environment

Being treated for cancer can be a very dark time in someone’s life, and many people struggle with low mood as well as the physical effects of the illness. We funded the state-of-the-art cancer centre which was the first treatment centre in Europe to bring the radiotherapy department above ground, so that the waiting area can be flooded with natural light.

The centre, which was supported by generous donations, has helped to transform how people feel about their treatment. Now patients have a light and airy space and can choose a large communal area or a more intimate, private space when having chemotherapy.

By supporting us, you help make sure people being cared for by Guy’s Cancer have access to world-leading facilities, bringing cancer care under one roof. This is helping to advance cancer treatments and enhance care.

Two female NHS professionals looking at a computer monitor. One of them is pointing at the screen.

Supporting moments of progress

We help the pioneering staff at Guy’s Cancer to push boundaries and explore more moments of progress by supporting them to do research and undertake ground-breaking medical trials.

Like the TOUR (Translational Oncology and Urology Research) team, which aims to make advancements in cancer care through research that will help to improve treatments and outcomes for patients with bladder, prostate, renal and testicular cancer, both here and throughout the world.

Thanks to our generous supporters, we can be there for the people behind that moment of progress when years of dedicated research leads to a major medical breakthrough that transforms cancer care.

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Support Guy’s Cancer Charity today and help advance cancer care