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A member of the Guy

Enhancing support for the cancer team

We’re the charity for the dedicated team at Guy’s Cancer, helping them to deliver moments of progress that transform people’s lives

From providing peaceful spaces for all staff to maintain their wellbeing, to funding innovative ideas like Anju’s for advancing care, we’re here for the people at the heart of Guy’s Cancer.

From supporting them with health and wellbeing programmes, to helping them to explore new ways to advance treatments, and deliver personalised care.

Portrait of Consultant Anju

Backing the team’s innovative ideas

With one in two people now getting cancer in their lifetime, it’s vital to be able to identify and refer people who are at risk as quickly as possible.

Dr Anju Kulkarni (pictured), a consultant in cancer and clinical genetics, had an idea for an innovative new app to determine whether someone has an inherited risk of developing cancer. Thanks to our supporters we were able to help bring it to life.

As Anju explains, “If someone is worried because her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, the app helps clinicians determine whether her family history warrants her being referred to us in cancer genetics. Or can she just be referred for early breast screening? Or the clinician can reassure her that there’s nothing to worry about, and suggest she just modifies her lifestyle.”

Supporting us means we can fund more specialists like Anju to create moments of progress that advance cancer care and transform lives.

“Receiving funding from donations was crucial to the project. The app wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our supporters’ generosity.”

Dr Anju Kulkarni
Female staff member with hands in pockets

Caring for the Guy’s Cancer team

We have supported the exceptional Guy’s Cancer team throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as they work under unimaginable pressure to keep providing personalised care and treatment for people facing cancer in a constantly shifting situation.

In the busy hospital environment, it can be hard for staff to find peace and quiet to rest and recharge for the next challenge. We helped create Wellbeing Zones: comfortable spaces where the team can have moments of calm, and decompress after a difficult shift.

Staff can also find support through a comprehensive psychological and spiritual support package, tailored for the needs of the diverse Guy’s Cancer team.

When you donate you not only help the people being cared for by Guy’s Cancer, you also help look after the heath and wellbeing of the outstanding people who provide that care day in, day out.

A member of the Guy

Donate today to help us advance care and support for the Guy’s Cancer team.