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Ted, Rex and Louisa

Together, we can transform cancer care, one person at a time.

We're Ted, Louisa and Rex's cancer charity. And yours too. Donate today to support personalised cancer care and pioneering treatments.

Thanks to generous donations, Louisa a dedicated Guy’s Cancer nurse was able to connect Ted and his wife Susie with a community of prostate cancer survivors to help them through the hard times. 

When Ted found out he had prostate cancer, his fear was that he wouldn’t be around to see his grandsons grow up. After surgery to remove his prostate, he needed support to process his experience and recover.  

From investing in Louisa’s cancer club that gave Ted his ‘band of brothers’ to supporting people like Rex to use their passions to fundraise, we help Guy’s Cancer go further. So the  committed team can keep giving patients personal cancer care that’s as unique as they are. 


With your support we can keep transforming cancer care, one person at a time

100% of your donation will be used to help Guy’s Cancer go further for the people who need it. That’s because our fundraising and administrative costs are covered by Guy’s & St Thomas’ Charity, and the NHS covers the general overheads of the hospital.

Ted in a pink and purple striped shirt and Susie in a pink floral dress

Help us create more moments of progress for people like Ted, Susie, Rex and Louisa.

£20 could gift a comforting care package to someone receiving end-of-life care, helping them feel better and not alone in the most difficult of times.
£50 could help run a virtual support group, so patients and carers can share their experiences of cancer and recover from the comfort of their own home.
£100 could provide expert welfare and benefits advice for a patient experiencing financial hardship, helping them stop worrying so they can focus on their recovery.
£10 a month could provide six people receiving end-of-life care a comforting care package, during the course of a year.
£15 a month could help provide a virtual support group, so that patients and those close to them can share their cancer experiences from the comfort of home.
£25 a month could help fund pioneering technology to help detect skin cancers earlier, so people can get a life-saving diagnosis sooner.

Guy’s Cancer looks at everybody in a unique way. No two people are the same, and we all need personalised care.

Ted Thorne - who has received long-term treatment and support for prostate cancer

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