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Ted’s support from his band of brothers

Thanks to the dedicated care of Guy’s Cancer, Ted has received more precious time with his loved ones – and a whole new “band of brothers” too.

When Ted Thorne received his prostate cancer diagnosis, his immediate fear was that he wouldn’t be around to see his grandsons grow up.

Five years on, Ted is enjoying every second with his beloved family – and has joined a charity-funded club where he can tap into the support of others living with cancer.

Following robotic-assisted surgery  to remove his prostate just a few months after his diagnosis, Ted and his wife of 52 years, Susie, became two of the very first members to join the Advanced Prostate Cancer Club.

The most important things in my life are my wife, Susie, my grandsons, my daughter, my friends, and my band of brothers at the Advanced Prostate Cancer Club. They keep us going.

Ted, who receives ongoing care for prostate cancer
The Advanced Prostate Cancer Club members meeting outside

Sharing experiences with fellow patients and survivors can be a real comfort for those facing cancer. For Ted, having a “band of brothers you can relate to and talk to about the various things that are going on” has been an incredible source of support. As Ted reflects, “it really does help people get through those times when you’re on your own”.

The Advanced Prostate Cancer Club was set up by Louisa Fleure, Consultant Nurse in Urology at Guy’s Cancer, to bring together men with advanced prostate cancer and their loved ones. Guy’s Cancer Charity provided vital start-up funds for the support group, which supports up to 100 members at any one time.

“Our club brings the experience of the individual to the heart of what we do,” explains Louisa. “It’s supporting patients way beyond their medical treatment – we’re also trying to give them all the support they need to live well on their treatment.”

If you’re under the care of Guy’s Cancer, you are in the presence of the best in the world. The friendliness and support can't be bettered anywhere, and you know that you are in safe hands.

Ted and Susie with their grandson

During the regular sessions, which include walking groups, exercise classes, art workshops, members have the chance to share experiences and form friendships, as well as access practical advice.

“We have speakers who cover a range of topics, such as what to expect from surgical procedures, and the psychological effect that these things have on a family,” says Ted.

For both Ted and Susie, the comprehensive, personalised support they have received from Guy’s Cancer fills them with hope and confidence.

With this continued care, Ted is planning many more years with his grandsons, nine and 11. “My ambition is to see them through school, university, and know who they’re going to spend the rest of their lives with,” says Ted. “Then I would have done my job.”

Ted smiling

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