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Update your will for free

If you’re aged 50 or over you can write a will, or change your existing will, completely free.

You’re under no obligation to leave us a gift if you use our free wills service to make or update your will.

But, after taking care of your loved ones, if you are able to support Guy’s Cancer, we would truly appreciate any gift.

You’ll be helping Guy’s Cancer keep providing exceptional, personalised treatment and care which is as unique as every person facing cancer.


How it works

Simply complete our National Free Wills Network form.

We will pass your request to our partner the National Free Wills Network who will send you all the information you need including a list of solicitors, local to you, who are part of the Network.

You then have 90 days to make an appointment with your chosen solicitor who will write your will in the normal way.

Once complete, we pay the solicitor on your behalf at a discounted rate.