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Fundraising Tips

Are you taking part in a fundraising activity to support Guy's Cancer? Read our useful tips to help you reach your fundraising goal.

1.) Take lots of photos

It’s been proven, that regularly posting photos (including a profile photo) can see donations be boosted by an incredible 23%.

This is a really quick and easy way to keep your supporters updated and in the loop – and is often the first thing your donors will notice on  your page.

2.) Tell everyone why you're fundraising

Sharing your story is a really effective way to engage your donors as well as creating a personal connection with the cause. It will help your supporters understand why you’re fundraising. You could potentially raise up to 60% more in donations!

When writing your story for your fundraising page, think about these questions to inspire.

  • Why are you fundraising for us? Is it a personal connection, a personal challenge or a personal journey?
  • Are you fundraising in memory of someone?
  • What does Guy’s Cancer Charity mean to you?
  • Why do you think our work is important?
  • Why should your supporters donate, and how will their money help?

3.) Set a target!

Setting a target is so important. It makes your donors feel as if they are apart of your incredible fundraising community, with all of your striving towards the same goal. By setting a target, you can see your final fundraising amount increase by 45% – so be as ambitious as you want!

4.) Share your fundraising journey on Social Media

Sharing your page is the most effective way of increasing donations. It’s quick and easy to do. Social media is going to be your best friend. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and LinkedIn are incredible platforms to reach as many supporters as possible, so make the most out of them!

5.) Connect online fitness groups and apps

Are you taking on one of our challenges? Connect with fellow fundraisers online taking on a similar physical challenge and share your journey with each other. You could raise more, by letting supporters track of your progress through a Strava account or digital fitness app!

6.) Email your family, friends and colleagues

Don’t forget the power of an email to your colleagues as well as friends and family. As an added suggestion, why not print your fundraising page URL and stick around the office!

7.) Make the first pledge

Did you know that your fundraising page will be more successful if it’s ‘activated’ as soon as possible?
This means, that a small donation of even £5 can boost your future donations by £118 in the long run. Get yourself to the start line by donating to your own page – trust us, it makes a difference!

8.) Thank your supporters

Your supporters have been with you every step of the way along your incredible journey. Thanking them is so important and will likely lead to further support in the future!

There are a few ways you can do this. Go old school and pick up the phone – everyone appreciates this! You can also send an e-card, give them a mention on social media or drop them a thank you card in the post.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact our events team

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