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Steve walks in memory of his mum

Steve Weiner, has set out to raise £100,000, one of the biggest fundraising targets of any individual fundraiser.

Steve walked in memory of his mother, Susan, who passed away from breast cancer when he was just 10 years old.

Keen walker Steve Weiner braved a cold November day to walk through his adopted hometown of London in 10 hours and freezing temperatures. Starting from Walton-on-Thames, he finished his longest ever walking feat at the front door of Guy’s Cancer Centre. He was supported by friends and family along the way. 

Steve, age 60, trained for his challenge in stages along the River Thames and Hudson River, New York. However, he had never walked that far in one day before. He recalls what motivated him along the way “To walk so far was incredibly challenging. Along the way I kept reminding myself of conversations I’ve had with other cancer survivors and that fuelled me to keep going.” 

His challenge was inspired by his mum, who spoke openly about her experience with cancer on US TV. 

"My mom was always a fighter - eloped at 19, mother at 21 and cancer survivor at 24 - everyone thought there was still a lifetime ahead of her...1972 was a different time and not much was known about what it meant to have cancer. To speak so openly about her diagnosis and treatment was incredibly brave, and she showed everyone how you can live life after cancer."


Though his walk was inspired by his mum, Steve faced his own cancer battle after being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017.  After successful surgery and treatment at Guy’s Cancer Centre, Steve has been cancer free for the past 6 years.

Steve wanted to support others in their own cancer journeys at Guys Cancer Centre by doing something he loved, stating “Everyone experiences cancer differently, and it is so important to have personalised care and support throughout those unique moments of fear, sickness and hope.”

Supporters like Steve helps to transform cancer care through the very latest developments in personalised care, to the ongoing support of the dedicated clinicians. 

"His ambitious fundraising target will help patients and their families access the very best personalised treatment and care, and continue Susan’s legacy of inspiring others."

Catherine Hart, former Director of Fundraising

You can support Steve in his fundraising goal or fundraise yourself and help support Guy’s Cancer be here for the people behind every moment of progress. Whether it’s a major medical breakthrough, an enhancement in treatment, or the day a patient gets the all-clear after years of personalised care.

£50 could help provide a comforting care package for someone receiving end of life care, helping to alleviate symptoms and soothe fears.
£150 could provide expert welfare and benefits advice for a patient experiencing financial hardship, giving them the freedom to focus on their recovery.
£350 can help invest in the latest surgical robotic technology, so expert surgeons can work with greater accuracy and send patients home to their families sooner.
£10 a month could provide six people receiving end-of-life care a comforting care package, during the course of a year.
£15 a month could help provide a virtual support group, so that patients and those close to them can share their cancer experiences from the comfort of home.
£25 a month could help fund pioneering technology to help detect skin cancers earlier, so people can get a life-saving diagnosis sooner.